The 5 Best Strategies For Positive Thinking

    By Scott Prisco
    Certified Nutritionist

    What Exactly Does Positive Thinking Mean?

    Is your glass half-full or half-empty? How you answer this question demonstrates how you view yourself, and the world around you.

    Positive thinking, in a nutshell, is a mental and emotional attitude of expecting good and favorable results in a given situation. Furthermore, a big part of positivity is not getting discouraged when plans or events do not turn out as you anticipated.

    Why Is Positive Thinking Important? 

    A multitude of studies shows positive thinking and optimism affect your physical health as they are the key elements to effectively managing stress. According to Harvard and the Mayo Clinic, effective stress management is crucial for increasing life span, a healthy immune response, vitality, youthful skin, lustrous hair, and good cardiovascular health.

    If you answered half empty to the question above, don’t sweat it, being positive is a skill that can be learned with practice. To get you headed in the right direction, here are 5 easy ways to acquire a positive attitude + a supplement you can take to get there faster.

    1. Be Aware Of Your Negativity

    First things first, to be positive you have to stop the negative thoughts. This requires you to be aware and present so you can catch your negativity triggers in their opening stages. When you feel yourself going to that pessimistic place, take note and write down what caused it. This exercise will help you become more aware, so you can avoid your triggers before they happen. If you can stop yourself from spiraling in doubt, you can switch your thoughts to see the positive in any situation.

    2. Take Control Of Your State

    After you feel the negativity coming on, stop those thoughts in their tracks and take control of your state. Your state is made up of your thoughts. Based on your thinking, your feelings and physical sensations follow suit.

    Your thoughts (inner words) are more powerful than you realize. Did you know the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy? That means when you are experiencing a situation that triggers negativity if you find and focus on something positive your state will reflect that. Using this technique you can trick your mind and your body into staying positive. In order to do this, however, you must choose your words wisely.

    3. Choose Your Words & Thoughts Carefully

    Changing your vocabulary is an essential key to positivity. The words you speak to yourself and to others have a deep impact on your state. Studies show positive talk can improve your psychological state, and help regulate your emotions.

    Ultimately, the words you choose directly impact your inner thoughts. As stated above, those thoughts are the difference between positivity and negativity in any given situation.

    4. Look For the Good In Every Situation

    Escaping a negative reality via fixating on good thoughts as we discussed above is one way to be positive. Furthermore, the more authentic approach is to find something positive in a negative situation (no matter how big or small).

    I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but it is actually really helpful. If you can start training your brain to see the positive no matter what, that’s what it will look for. Before you know it your brain will think positivity on autopilot.

    This approach, although harder, is better for self-growth and overall wellness. Think about escaping reality as a bandaid solution, where flipping the scrip and finding even the smallest amount of positivity is the cure. To make this daunting task easier surround yourself with positive people who encourage you.

    5. Surround Your Self With Positive People

    Last but not least, you could do everything right but still be brought down by others. Have you ever heard of the saying “you only go as far as the people around you”? The same rules apply to being positive. In order to remain positive, you must surround yourself with people who support you and have a positive outlook on life. No matter how hard you try to be positive if all you hear are negative things you are going to eventually succumb to the negativity.

    All in all, choose the people you surround yourself with wisely. Being positive is hard enough don’t make it even harder on yourself.

    Positivity Is Easier With This Supplement

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