I just received my second pouch of Priscotty Pure Nano CBD Powder. This product is amazing! I have tried various CBD oils and did not get results. Priscotty Pure’s Nano Water-soluble CBD Powder took away my anxiety, pain and I can finally sleep through the night!

Jean T

Priscotty Pure Nano Water-soluble CBD is the angel on my shoulder. This CBD product is pure, water soluble with none of the dizzying effects of THC. After my first dose the first tell was the clearing of my sinuses! I have suffered chronic pain for years, which I treated with opioids. After 2 months of use, I am opioid AND pain free. This product is an absolute miracle for people like me! I can’t thank my dear friend Faith and her boyfriend Scott who invented this miraculous product enough

Brenda W

I have tried CBD oils, foods, creams and nothing worked for me. I gave Priscotty Pure Water-soluble CBD a try and I finally got the pain relief I was hoping for!

Sam H

This product is amazing! I have rheumatoid arthritis and have tried so many different medications that do not work. On day 6 of taking Priscotty Pure Nano Water-soluble CBD I felt better than I have in years! Thank you!

Kiren W

I received my first pouch of Priscotty Pure Nano Water-soluble CBD Powder last week. I purchased it to help curb the anxiety I deal with. I didn’t really notice a difference until I decided not to take it. My anxiety came back and I felt on edge. Definitely going to keep taking the product.

Jessica R

Great company. High quality Nano CBD product. Such a great idea! I love that I can mix it into any drink.

Apollo P

What a fantastic product! I can mix it with my favorite drink and be active throughout my day without chronic pain. I highly recommend using Priscotty Pure Nano CBD.

Juliet S

This Product is Fantastic! It took away my anxiety and now I am able to get a good night sleep. Highly recommend Priscotty Pure Nano Water-soluble CBD!

Andrea P

Priscotty Pure Nano CBD Powder is very competitively priced. I find it cheaper than other companies. Before I found this product I was paying 90-120 dollars for oil. The product is excellent quality; I can feel a difference when I use it. I love how it can be mixed in any drink.

Michael T

Priscotty Pure Water-soluble CBD has made a big difference in my mom’s fibro myalgia. She stared taking Priscotty Pure and was able to get down to 1 medication. She can walk and drive again.    

Britt D

I work out in the gym 5-6 days a week. I follow a strict supplement regimen to help my muscle recover. Priscotty Pure Nano CBD Powder works better than amino acids. I can minimize my rest days, as I feel more fresh and rested.

Josh G
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