What is CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the Hemp plant. It has been known to help with ailments like anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, cancer related symptoms, menstruation and menopause symptoms, general panic disorder, OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia, seizures, joint pain, muscle recovery, nausea and more!

CBD is currently used by professional athletes, celebrities and everyday people of all walks of life. To get the amazing benefits of CBD, it must be manufactured in the right way.

CBD’s Biggest Challenge Is Bioavailability.

CBD has some seriously impressive health benefits, but traditional CBD oil alone is poorly absorbed by the body, due to its low bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that actually enters your bloodstream so you get the health benefits you’re looking for.

This makes logical sense as our bodies are made up of 70% water. If you put oil and water together they don’t mix. Almost all CBD products on the market today deliver CBD to the body in traditional oil form.

Studies show Your body only absorbs 1/10th the amount advertised. Read below to see how our water-soluble CBD changed the game.

Priscotty Pure Has Solved The Problem!

In the proprietary manufacturing process of our water-soluble CBD, the fat globules are encapsulated (aka broken down) into much smaller, 0.0000001 meter i.e. 100 nanometer, droplets through a process called nano-emulsification.

In addition, during the processes, our CBD is mixed with an all-natural penetration enhancer. This increases the absorption by coating the CBD molecules, allowing them to move quicker and more effectively through the body’s skin and mucous membrane. 

This process drastically increases the bioavailability and makes it easier for the body to digest the CBD. When you try Priscotty Pure Water-soluble CBD Powder you can feel the difference.

Due to our high bioavailability and nanotechnology, studies show our water-soluble CBD is absorbed in the body 10x better than any CBD products on the market today.

Tests Are In…

Priscotty Pure’s water-soluble CBD offers an all-natural and healthy alternative to other wellness products and pharmaceuticals drugs. All products produced by Priscotty Pure are tested multiple times for potency and purity. 

The hemp we use is organically and sustainably grown in the United States. Our CBD is manufactured in a USA FDA & GMP certified facility using the highest quality ingredients. It contains no pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mildew or mold.

Let our CBD take care of you, so you can focus on living your best life!

Priscotty Pure Water-Soluble CBD Powder
Priscotty Pure Water-Soluble CBD Powder
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