35 Years Of Manufacturing Expertise

Priscotty Pure’s proprietary supplement blends are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the USA by industry leading medical experts. Our facility is registered by the FDA and carries multiple third party accreditations.

  • A cGMP Certified Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer
  • cGMP Certified by NSF
  • UL / NPA Certified

All of our supplements are tested multiple times by a third party ISO 17025 Accredited lab for quality, purity and safety. 

Priscotty Pure Manufacturing Facility

What Makes Priscotty Pure Different

When creating a product, most companies in the health & wellness business mindlessly throw inexpensive ingredients together to capitalize on trendy industry fads. They fill their products with cheap fillers & unnecessary ingredients to fool their customers and beat out their competition.

During our formulation process we work closely with industry leading medical experts to give our customers the best proprietary products possible! Extensive R&D is done on every product we create to ensure our customers are getting pure, high-quality ingredients that will provide actual results.

Priscotty Pure Youthification™ - Collagen Peptides + Anti-Aging Blend

Our Superior Ingredients

All the ingredients we use in our products are backed by extensive research. Every product is formulated with natural bio-enhancers so our active ingredients can be better absorbed and utilized in the body. Unlike other companies, there are no “hidden” ingredients in our products. We do not use fillers, chemical coatings or generic, synthetic ingredients to save money!

With Priscotty Pure, there’s no second guessing! Let us take care of your health & beauty so you can focus on living your best life!

Priscotty Pure Immunification™ - Immunity Blast + L-Lysine

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