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    These days Collagen is everywhere! You have probably seen it online or at the grocery store in pill, powder, or liquid form. With all these options things can get confusing. Therefore, were going to give you all the information needed to choose the best collagen supplement!

    What Is Collagen?

    Collagen is the most abundant and important protein in the human body. To put things in perspective, it’s responsible for 25% to 35% of the body’s total protein content. 

    Collagen is so important because it is a major building block of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, corneas, and teeth. Furthermore, it is the glue that holds all these things together. Considered a “complex protein”, collagen is packed with 19 different amino acids. 

    There are 16 different types of collagen in the body. The two major types are type 1 and 3.

    Type 1 – Made up of densely packed fibers, collagen type I provides support to the skin, hair, bones, tendons, muscles, eyes, cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth. It makes up about 90% of your body’s total collagen count.

    Type 3 – Supports muscles, tissues, and artery structure. In addition, it works with type I collagen to support gut health and skin health. 

    As your body ages, the amount and quality of the collagen it produces decreases drastically. Therefore, collagen in a supplement form is a great way to make up for the loss.  

    The Key Benefits Of Collagen…

    1. Youthful, Plump, Hydrated Skin

    Collagen peptides slow down the skin aging process by hydrating, strengthening, and improving skin elasticity. Moreover, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, giving you plum, youthful skin.

    2. Hair Growth/Strong Hair

    The middle layer of skin known as the dermis is made up of 70% collagen and contains the roots of your hair. Collagen strengthens the dermis, fortifying your hair roots. With age, as the body produces smaller amounts of collagen it becomes less efficient at producing cells in the dermis, leading to hair loss. Collagen in supplement form helps keep your dermis strong and in good shape.

    3. A Boosted Metabolism

    The amino acids in collagen, specifically glycine, arginine and glutamine work together to increase muscle mass which leads to an increased metabolism.

    4. Muscle Growth

    Taking a collagen supplement promotes the synthesis of muscle tissue, creating stronger, healthier muscles. Studies have shown people who took collagen gained more muscle mass and strength as opposed to those who didn’t.

    5. Strong Bones

    Bones get their strength and structure from collagen. As collagen production decreases with age, bone mass declines to cause osteoporosis. Collagen in supplement form slows down the bone decaying process and increases bone mineral density (BMD).

    6. Joint Support

    Collagen helps support the ligaments and tendons that protect your joints and hold them in place. Multiple Studies show collagen can reduce joint pain and increase mobility. Furthermore, collagen peptides are a great way to combat the degenerative joint disorders osteoarthritis.

    What Should I Look For When Choosing A Collagen Supplement?

    Collagen With Bio-Enhancers

    Hydrolized Collagen peptides in the traditional form are hard for the body to digest. When buying a collagen product make sure it contains natural bio-enhancers. They make collagen supplements more effective as it’s easier for the body to digest and utilize the protein.

    Collagen With Other Powerful Nutrients

    Collagen is great, however, other vitamins and minerals are needed for the body to make and store collagen. In conclusion, it is only one small part of the equation for youthful-looking skin, lustrous hair, a boosted metabolism, and strong joints muscles, bones, and ligaments.

    If you want to maximize its benefits you should find a collagen supplement that includes other nutrients that work with and enhance the collagen to give your body added support.

    Here are some great nutrients to look for…

    Vitamin C – The body can’t form or store collagen without the proper amount of Vitamin C. As it is responsible for holding the cells together during the creation of collagen, Vitamin C is mandatory in collagen creation.

    In addition, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects and strengthens the skin like no other compound. It provides protection from free radical damage and outside environmental aggressors all while brightening the appearance of the skin, giving it that healthy glow you desire.

    Copper – Copper is essential for the creation of collagen. Additionally, it promotes the growth of elastin, which gives the skin its elastic quality. Together, both collagen and elastic keeps the skin strong, healthy, and plump. Copper also promotes the production of hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin.

    Rutin – A powerful bioflavonoid found in plants and citrus fruits, rutin is known to have paramount skin benefits and antioxidant properties. For instance, in a double-blind clinical study, rutin increased skin elasticity and decreased length, area, and number of wrinkles.

    Glucosamine- Glucosamine increases hyaluronic acid production in the body. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin moisturized by pulling water from the air into the skin. Moreover, this reduces wrinkles, increases brightness, and combats other signs of aging.

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    What Youthification Users have Said About Their Positive Experience…

    “What I love about the product is my skin is starting to look and feel more firm and soft. When I shower, I am starting to see less hair loss. I have tried many products with little to no results.”

    – Jeanne P

    “Finally, a product that has everything I take for my anti-aging all in one convenient supplement. Another fantastic product by Priscotty Pure!”

    – Juliet S

    “I love how this product combines collagen with other ingredients for anti-aging. I’m 61 and don’t look it thanks to Youthification!”

    – Celine L

    “Love love love!! Amazing for my skin and also helps my joints at the same time! One-stop-shop!”

    – Pam R

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