What Is Nano-Enhanced CBD (Nano CBD)?
  • December 8, 2019
  • CBD
  • by Scott Prisco
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Where Does The Word “Nano” Come From In Nano CBD?

Nano CBD or nanotechnology CBD is a name given to CBD oil that goes through a nano-emulsification process. In this process the particles of CBD oil are broken down into 0.0000001 meters i.e. 100 nanometers, making it easier for the body to absorb the CBD it’s given.

The nano-emulsification process is not new. Nanoemulsions have been used in the food, drug, and cosmetic industries for years in order to increase product effectiveness. Priscotty Pure took a tried and true method, applied it to the CBD industry, and created Priscotty Pure CBD Powder in order to give customers a better, more high-quality, pure CBD product.

Is Nano CBD Better?

Yes, studies show nano-emulsified CBD is superior as it absorbs in the body 10x better than traditional CBD oils & other CBD products (1).

The human body has greater surface area contact with CBD oil when it’s broken down and delivered in small (0.0000001 meters i.e. 100 nanometers) droplets. These small droplets created by Priscotty Pure’s nano-emulsification process makes it easier for the body to digest all the nutrients from CBD.

In addition, during this process of nano-emulsification, the CBD is mixed with an all-natural chemical compound known as a “penetration enhancer” (2). This emulsifier coats the CBD molecules, allowing them to move quicker and more effectively through the body’s skin and mucous membrane. As a result, Prescott Pure’s customers get a CBD that is 1000% more effective than any other CBD product on the market.

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